Free Local Weather Forecasts
Going out or need to find out what's going on with the weather? Enter your zip code, city or place to get local weather conditions in your area for free. Quickly access today's local weather or plan ahead by looking at 5 day and 10 day weather forecasts. The weather can change in minutes so make sure you get accurate information from trusted sources.
Weather Doppler Radar Maps
Get detailed, real-time forecasts for precipitation with local weather Doppler radar maps. Now you can easily track storms and find out the speed and direction with which it is moving. Storms can be dangerous so it is important to monitor live weather radar maps so that you know when exactly a storm will hit and what you can expect in terms of wind, rain, hail or otherwise. You can track weather radar and live Doppler radar in motion with Intellicast™.
Severe Weather Alerts
It is important to be prepared for Hurricane season and Tornado season. Stay informed with severe weather warnings so that you can avoid bad weather, flooding and storms. Always know when a tropical storm, tropical depression, hurricane, blizzard or tornado is brewing. Share hurricane weather forecasts and tornado weather forecasts with others so that everybody can be prepared.